La Brousse is right in the middle of "The Natural Regional Park of Livradois-Forez (PNR)
This is one of the biggest regional parks in France.

Ií covers an area of 320.000 hectares and has a population of 110.000.
The grandeur of the mountains, the large number of rivers and the variety of relief forms have contributed to today's beautiful landscapes and to the richness of the flora and fauna.

In this wooded, agricultural land, the locals have succeeded in using the natural energy of the rivers.

The large amount of energy that is generated by the rivers has, over the centuries, enabled the local people to develop their farming practices and many crafts and industrial activities, including the production of the world-famous knives at Thiers.

From La Brousse there are many beautiful bike and hiking trails with deep gorges and peaks up to 1800 metres high.  This area with the cleanest air in France provides an intense hiking experience.  The many paths are clearly marked and maps and information are available from the tourist office.
The nearest tourist office is in Courpiere (10 mins distance)


Lac d'Aubusson is just a 5 min drive.
It's a large recreational lake with a beach, where you can swim, hire canoes and paddle boats.  There is a playground for children. Disabled people can easily access the lake and facilities, with designated parking spaces close by, gravelled flat paths and even specially designed picnic benches for wheel chair users.  After all these activities you can grab a snack or have a glass to drink overlooking the lake.
There are also bbqs available (free of charge.)  


Next to Lac d'Aubusson is the horse riding school "Cheval"Rouge" here you can have riding lessons or make endless supervised rides.

Just a 10 minute drive away lies the village of Vollore-Montagne and "Du Moulin de La Goutte" Here you can fish for salmon and trout, and then take them home to cook for your supper. 

Also in Vollore-Montange is "Avergne motos loisiers", if you like speed and power you're at the right place.
Here you can rent a quad or motorbike, and have a real thrill driving around the course or into the wild landscape of the area. 
It's also possible to sit behind Xavier or even to ride on a semi-automatic quad.

The brocante season starts in the spring which gives you the opportunity to buy some great old things for a good price.  From the spring is the brocant season open, you can buy some nice old stuff for a small price.
After DIY this is the French people's most enjoyed pastime.  
At you can see the date and place where the brocantes are being held.    

Every day of the week in the surrounding villages and towns there are the  Auvergne morning markets. 
You can buy many local products such as: honey, cheese, sausages, woven baskets etc. 
- Monday Billom
- Tuesday Courpiere
- Wednesday Aulnat
- Thursday Ambert
- Friday Thiers
- Saturday Noiretable