Welcome to “La Difference”, direct translation “A difference”.

We rent out a totally adapted house with a private swimming pool for a maximum of 8 people including up to 2 people who are wheelchair-bound.
This house is specially for people in wheelchairs who want to go on holiday with their family, friends, carers or in a group.
Also for older people is the house perfect.

We have gone much further than just removing the door thresholds in our house.  We can provide many different
pieces of equipment depending on your specific needs.  You can read more about this in “Adaptations”.

France AuvergneThe house is located in a rural village called “La Brousse” and is part of the community of Augerolles.
Augerolles is in the region called “The Auvergne”.  The Auvergne is also known as the lungs of France, 
the Auvergne has a very diverse landscape with dramatic scenery.
There are many different landscapes to see such as: Volcanoes, forests, plains, mountains and valleys, very often its a wild unspoilt area.

The Auvergne gets its name from the Gallic people of Arverni, Veraingetorix was their King during the Roman invasion.
The people who live in this beautiful area are called Auvergnats and Auvergnates.

The capital of the Auvergne is Clermont-Ferrand.
Michelin tyres are made here.

In 2015 "Lonely Planet"chose The Auvergne as one of the five most beautiful places in the world.
Your New Hosts

We fell in love with this exceptional place designed for families with big hearts. 
We are resuming the continuation of this beautiful adventure initiated by Willeke and Bert and
we hope to be up to this place of welcome.
We want to keep the spirit and values ​​of your former hosts. See you soon, Caroline & Jerome